About Us

1PAAT's mission is to:

"Raise awareness of world issues deterring human and community development, sponsor real world issues as investments for community progression, and promote the idea that small contributions can have a huge impact." 

Message from Founder and President - I get very excited when I get the chance to talk about 1PAAT, or “One Problem At A Time”.  For starters, 1PAAT was a finalist in the very competitive Columbia Venture Competition, and I really believe that this is a venture that can consistently make an impact world-wide. Historically, I've never been one to donate much money to non-profits because: (1) Simply put, most of my life I didn't have much money; (2) When I did have extra cash, there were so many organizations around, I couldn't make up my mind of whom to give to; and (3) When I did give, I didn’t feel like I had assurance of exactly what the money was going towards or even believe what little I gave would actually make a difference.

I knew I wasn’t the only person who felt this way, so I decided to do something about it. I was most directly inspired by the penny drives many us had in elementary school; hey, I could always afford to support those. The idea of focusing such an effort to consistently make a difference really resonated with me; and thus 1PAAT was born. 1PAAT financially sponsors SPECIFIC causes and another sponsored issue is not showcased on the website until the money has been raised to fund and solve that particular problem. Whether it's a need to build latrines for a health clinic in rural Haiti or to educate kids in Ghana about how learning engineering can further develop their community, no problem is too big or too small for 1PAAT to tackle. Each of these specific problems are currently scheduled to be fundraised by 1PAAT and we need your help to pinpoint more! 1PAAT members pay as little as 50 cents a month and each member has the opportunity to recommend the next issue 1PAAT will sponsor. 1PAAT thrives off of the idea that small contributions can have a huge impact.

The goal is to have 1 million people within 5 years register with 1PAAT, funding $500,000 a month for specific charitable causes supported by hundreds of different non-profit organizations. Now, I understand that most issues inhibiting community progression here in the U.S. and in developing and developed countries throughout the world are much more complicated than can be easily comprehended, and each individually deserves a lot of attention. However, even if its on the simplest scale, I believe it is the duty of everyone to be aware and make an attempt to impact those in need around us. 1PAAT is an awareness and fundraising network of visionaries, individually doing their part to make a difference. Even if you're broke, you can afford to responsibly invest in a better tomorrow. Thanks a lot for your time and I look forward to having you join the effort!


Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Is 1PAAT a Non-Profit Organization?

No. By joining 1PAAT, you are indeed donating to non-profit organizations monthly, however 1PAAT operates under a for-profit organizational structure that supports and fundraises for the projects of other non-profit organizations.  Operating under this business model enables 1PAAT to be more flexible and not depend on grants or other forms of solicited funding to operate. 1PAAT’s current primary source of funding is its membership fees. We will actively seek ways to grow and enable more oppurtunities for our members to have an impact and fulfill 1PAAT's mission.

2.) How much of my money is going directly to the organization sponsoring the project?

As a 1PAAT member, 90% of your $0.50, $1.00, or $2.50 monthly payments are tax deductible donations to the organization being sponsored, and 10% of your monthly payments are 1PAAT membership fees. If you want to donate more money, or do not want to donate through 1PAAT, the links to the organization’s website are on the Home Page and Projects Page; there you can make a one-time or recurring payment to that specific organization, but you will not have the convenience of your donations automatically impacting multiple organizations and projects, or follow-up stories unless you register with 1PAAT. See the "Where your money goes:" section of the Join Page.

3.) What are “1PAAT Membership Fees”?

1PAAT membership fees enables 1PAAT to provide the service tools to our members and maintain organizational operation (maintaining website, membership profiles, servers, NPO outreach etc.) 1PAAT Membership fees are paid monthly, and may be renewed annually.

4.) Why should I join 1PAAT?

1PAAT makes it easy to make an impact with its unique approach of downsizing the scale of global issues into quantifiably solvable problems. At only $0.50/month, this is a low risk, high reward investment of your money that takes only a few minutes of your time to sign-up for. Over the course of your membership, your money will be stretched across a number of organizations and projects, and your awareness of world issue deterring human and community development will grow immensely.  You will even have the opportunity to recommend the next cause the entire 1PAAT network will fund-raise for.

5.) What if I want to change my membership pledge?

Within your membership profile, you can cancel your current membership pledge (Edit Payment Information Button-> Cancel Pledge). Once you do that, go back to the Join Page and choose the new option you prefer. You will not have to re-register your 1PAAT membership profile; it will automatically synch after you confirm the payment plan for your new 1PAAT membership pledge.

6.) How do I recommend a problem? How are they chosen?

Only 1PAAT members can recommend the next problem to be fund-raised for. There is a “Recommend A Cause” form 1PAAT members have access to after they set up there log-in information.  After you recommend a cause, your submission will be reviewed by the 1PAAT Review Board.  The problem should be supported on the ground by a 501 (c)(3) or other non-profit organization and fit within 1PAAT’s mission. After review, the problem will then be queued to be fund-raised for. 1PAAT will initiate contact with the organization to confirm the project and target amount.

7.) Are all of the problems 1PAAT fundraises supported by non-profit organizations?

Projects supported by non-profit organizations are highly preferred.  There is a strict process to receive 501(c)(3) tax status, and that is a level of assurance 1PAAT depends on when working to fundraise for a particular problem. However, problems recommended to be fundraised for that are not supported by a non-profit organization will also be reviewed. Those problems will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

8.) How do I know where my payments are sent?

PayPal will send you a confirmation of where your funds have been sent. Donations actually never enter 1PAAT’s account, only membership fees. If 1PAAT was to ever accept payments on behalf of a charities that would be considered “aggregation” and is against PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy.

9.) How do I know 1PAAT is trustworthy?

Gaining the trust of new and potential 1PAAT members is a top priority; that is why we keep our business model open and transparent. The expectation is as 1PAAT fund-raises for more projects and gains more members, trust in 1PAAT will grow. One of the unique things about 1PAAT are the follow-up stories and images the organizations we partner with send after a problem has been fundraised for and solved. There are active links to these organizations throughout the site, and we encourage our members to explore these away from 1PAAT.org at their own leisure. Furthermore, PayPal has a rigorous compliance process to prohibit unlawful businesses from using their platform; to date this has included bank and business registration verifaction, an affidavit signing, and an attorney review process. PayPal has reviewed 1PAAT’s business model and it passes all of their compliance regulations. As a final note,1PAAT’s business model and plan was nominated as a finalist in the very competitive 2011 Columbia Venture Competition.


More questions? Contact Us: help@1PAAT.org